We would like to introduce you to us - all of us - and tell you who we are, where we are and what we do.

Where is there an E2 Bed and Breakfast or hotel that I can go and stay for the weekend? Where can I eat on my business trip in an E2 restaurant? Where can I get a haircut, have my car fixed or buy a house from an E2 Treaty Investor Visa holder.

With so much diversity in E2 businesses, in every part of the US, we can show where to find help from lots of everyday and the more unusual companies.

Where can I find the answers to my questions about life in the US on this Visa?

Where can I see if there are other E2 people living or working close to me - I would love to meet someone else going through the same issues as me?

Can I find someone else in my Representative’s District and we can go and speak to him or her together - much easier than going on my own!!!!

Can I find an Immigration Attorney that another E2 Visa holder has used and recommended?


OK, so what is our

E2 Visa People website

all about?

Welcome to our website for immigrants living in the US on an ‘E2 Treaty Investor’ Visa.


Check out our Sister Site - www.E2VisaReform.org about our lobbying to make changes to the E2 Visa

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